Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fishin' with A........

Two Sundays ago, Uncle Allen took Mr. Man fishing at our lake. Now let me set the stage for you......a 2 year old, a dog running around like a, 7 bystanders, and Uncle Allen. Going fishing for the first time sounds exciting, right? Well, it was.........for the first 5 minutes. As soon as Uncle Allen said that he was gonna take him, I had to grab the camera for some priceless shots.

When we got down to the lake, Mr. Man was eager to start the process. Uncle Allen showed him what to do, but he didn't care about the details, just let me fish!!

Take notice of the technique that Mr. Man is using to fish, that stuff just can't be taught! He may be the first professional fisherman with this kind of hold on a rod!

Let me explain the title of this post. Since Mr. Man has been able to talk, he couldn't say Uncle Allen. He could only say "A". Well, it stuck, and that has been his name for 2 years now. It is with a sadness that I tell you that he can finally say Uncle Allen. So, as my little boy turns 3 next month, he is growing out of certain words for things and it does make me feel that part of being a baby is gone. Okay, I know that it really is gone, but let me hold onto it as long as I can, okay?

We are so thankful that Uncle Allen invests time with our kids. I can truly say that they are better for him being in their lives. I look forward to many more lessons from A and the love that he provides for my kids.

On a side note, I am glad to pass the torch onto my kids....I spent my childhood with torture filled days from Uncle Allen!! He loves to terrorize them (mainly tickling them to death) and I am glad that I am free from that kind of "love" that he loves to give! May my children enjoy the time that they have with Uncle Allen-he truly is a remarkable person.

By the way, Mr. Man caught 3 fish!! They each weighed 64 pounds and were almost 4 foot long!! Well, that is how I saw it anyway!!