Saturday, February 28, 2009

On this day........

You know, birthdays come and birthdays go-but some are just more special than others. Today is one of those days.

55 years ago, my Uncle Allen was born into this world. Now trust me, I wouldn't have been able to post this 25 years ago. You see, at that time he was in the midst of what he would call "making me a better person". Translation-torturing me in any way possible!

I am thankful that I have now passed that torch onto my kids. They are able to endure the frustration that I had to. is all in the master plan!! Mr. Man knows that when Uncle Allen comes around it is "torture time!"

But somehow, the frustration that I endured when I was younger did make me a better person. The things that he did to torture me made me realize that life is short and you should enjoy it. After all, if you can't laugh at yourself, what fun can you possibly have?

All these years later, and many trials later, he is absolutely my favorite uncle in the world. I am thankful that God prompted me to allow him (Uncle Allen) into my life again (another story). Through all of the ups and downs that we have endured together, one thing has never changed-our love for each other and the bond that we have. He is an amazing man with an amazing story of how God can truly change anyone if they are willing and open. It is a story of forgiveness and obedience, love and what it means to be there for someone....through thick and thin! He is an unbelievable carpenter and has the gift of service.

I love and respect this man with every fiber of my being. He makes me want to be a better person! Everyone who comes into contact with him knows of his love for Christ and how he is just a no non-sense kind of guy. I would love to say that he will read this, but says that the computer is "the devil box". Gotta love him!!

One thing that makes me love him to pieces is the way that he loves my kids. He is a God-send. He loves them each differently, and takes time to get to know each of them for who they are. He shows them unconditional love and does torture them a little...which I like to see!! lol!!

Here's to many more birthdays, Uncle Allen...I love you with all of my heart and soul!

I wanted to show a pic of him, but only found some of him and Mr. Man....they are funny!
This is them making their "mean faces"

This is the first time that Mr. Man went fishing.
I pray that tomorrow finds you in the House of the Lord!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I understand.......

I remember hearing about some animal that eats their young. Not sure of their reasoning, but I think that I understand why it is an option.

My kids have been having some arguments.


I think that I may throw them in a room together and tell them to not come out until they have either worked it out or Jesus comes back. I am not sure which at this point.

As you can imagine, I have been praying daily for Jesus to come quickly.


As a matter of fact, today would be good, I haven't made dinner yet, and I know that I could have some serious grub in Heaven!!

I know hope that this is just a phase. I am looking forward to the day when we can sit together and sing Kum Ba Yah.

A woman can dream, can't she?

How do you deal with kids who just want to fight for an after school activity?

Hope that you are having a pleasant week....and that your kids aren't getting ready to kill each other.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our little trip.......

We really needed a get-away. Badly. We didn't get to take a vacation last year, so we decided to take a mini vacay! We have annual passes to Universal and hadn't taken advantage of them since 2007.

We wanted to surprise the kids and didn't tell them anything. I packed while they were sleeping and when we woke them up the next morning, we just told them to get into the truck.

You should have heard the guesses that were coming from their mouths, hilarious! Gertie swore that we must be driving to Hawaii! Beatrice thought that we might be going to Disney or to the Alligator Farm.
When we got a little closer to Orlando, they both knew what was going on. Mr. Man was very excited to see Spiderman.
Here are some pics of the mini-vacay:

We had a great time! We got to see the Mardi-Gras parade and even got some beads......

We really had a great was nice to be together...just the 5 of us!
I hope that you are having a blessed week!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A birthday weekend......

Well, our birthday weekend has come and gone. Kevin has officially made it over the hill and I am not quite there yet, but will be soon enough!!

We had a great time celebrating our birthdays and enjoyed some special time with special people.

It started on Friday night when we met Kevin at Red Lobster for dinner. We each ate some delicious food and enjoyed the waiters singing "Happy Birthday" to Kevin.

On Saturday, I was awakened to my kids making me breakfast. They made me waffles with peanut butter and syrup-one of my favorites!! But...........

Beatrice didn't realize that you had to turn the heat up on the toaster so that the waffles would actually defrost, so they were cold in the center!! lol!!

We spent the day just lounging around and then went to eat at a Japanese Steak House. It was alot of fun and some friends met us there for supper. We got finished and knew that we needed some dessert!

We all headed to Cold Stone for some delicious ice cream!! I had a great time.

Then on Sunday night after church I arranged for some of Kevin's family and some of our close friends to meet us at a local restaurant. He was surprised and loved that we got together! I would say that his birthday was a huge success. He enjoyed all of the festivities and I did also!! Here are a couple of pics to show the fun..............

I am thankful that I have people in my life that spent mine and Kevin's birthday with us. I am very blessed!

Blessings to you,

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy birthday to my hubby......

I have been with Kevin for more than half my life. I have celebrated 17 birthdays with him.

But this one, it is different.

He is 40.

Let me say that again.


I can't believe that my old man is now literally my old man!

He is such a good sport about me teasing him!! Truth be told, I know that I need to be nice because I am behind him in a little while!!

I hope that you have a wonderful day Kevin!! I pray that this year brings you everything that your heart desires!

I love you!



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 random things......

I have seen these things going around facebook for a week or so now (really heavily), and thought that I could post it here-so here goes!

1. I don't like feet. I don't want to touch yours or have you touch mine. It took a long time for me to be able to even get a pedicure! If Kevin puts his foot on mine accidentally, it completely freaks me out!!

2. I really enjoy planning parties.

3. I think that my nose is very round at the end-kinda freakish, really.

4. I get really happy when I cook.

5. I love to give gifts.

6. Watching movies is one of my all time favorite things to do.

7. If I am channel surfing and Speed, Sleeping with the Enemy, Legally Blonde or Men in Black is on, I will watch it.

8. I love to eat Kim-chee.

9. Kirkland's makes me very happy.

10. I like to have quality and not quantity.

11. When I got married I really wanted to have fireworks go off over the river when Kevin and I kissed. My Dad said no. I was mad. I am over it now. Kinda.

12. I would love to sing on a Broadway before I die. Far-fetched, I know, but it is my dream.

13. Even though it can be a pain, I am fine with my height. I am 5 '2.

14. I don't like salmon.

15. I don't drink coffee. I think that it is disgusting.

16. My first car was a white Mustang.

17. The Blue Man group people freak me out. They are awesome to watch and I had a great time, but when they came into the audience, I thought that I was gonna break Kevin's arm.

18. I could very easily live in a big city. I love New York, Atlanta and L.A.

19. I am certified to read and do EKG's.

20. I don't like to be hot. It makes me ornery.

21. I love to ride roller coasters. All of them.

22. I have 112 blogs that I read.

23. I love to eat spicy things, the hotter the better. I love Mexican food.

24. I would love to learn how to quilt.

25. I am striving to be the wife, mother and woman that God has called me to be.

I thought that this was neat to find out about people. I hope that you learned something that you might not have known!