Thursday, January 19, 2012

My, time flies.............

Looking back, I realize that it has almost been a year since I blogged. So much of our lives have changed in this past year! God's love and mercy have surrounded me and my family. We have been given blessings that I dreamt about for so long. We have added many friends to our lives and have been incredibly blessed by how the Lord is working in our hearts.

One of the first major changes is our address! We purchased a new home in May of 2011. Just the very fact of me saying it still makes me feel as if I am dreaming! I had such specific things I wanted, that I thought I would never find that "perfect" house for us, unless we had it built! Since that was not an option, we began our search...........and what a long search it was! It felt like years, but I guess in all actuality, it was months! lol! To my friend and Realtor, Charnelle, it probably felt like an eternity too! We knew that this home was made for us as soon as we walked in the door........truly. It was everything that we wanted and more! We have all adjusted well and the kids are enjoying their new schools!

Speaking of school...........about a month after moving into our new home, I received my acceptance letter into Nursing School. What an amazing blessing and surprise! I know that EVERYTHING happens in God's timing, but this was such a great example of HIS perfect timing! I am so happy to say that I am only 1.5 miles from my school and 1 mile from the Mr. Man and Gertie's school! We were spending so much money in gas and the time driving was a huge burden on everyone. School has been a challenge........They say if you can make it past the first semester, you can make it....I am happy to say that I am in my 2nd semester! I have learned so much and am excited to see what the future holds for me in this field!

I decided to write to catch everyone up on some major changes in our lives, and to get the therapeutic effects from it! I will try and be better about blogging............

Until then....