Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today started like any other day, I tried to be productive, and do some things that needed to be done around the house. I was able to do some laundry, clean the kitchen, and plan what I was going to make for supper. Kevin did alot of work outside...YEAH!! So, we were all getting ready to wind down when Kevin hollered for me to look out in the driveway. I didn't have my contacts in, but it was big enough for me to see......it was a turtle!! A really BIG turtle!! Apparently, he came all the way from the lake, and was heading up toward the road. We all had to go and look at him, he was scared, so he hid inside his shell, but it was a neat thing to show the kids!! Mr. Man kept wanting to pet "My turtle". Everything now is "his". You know, "his lake", "his turtle"....he is definitely 2!!
We had a fun time going down to the lake to put the turtle back in. I think that he was happy to be back in the water, and was even happier to be away from us!!


jennifer said...

Awe...you found my long lost twin :-)
Can you pick me up and put me back in the water to? LOL! I'm glad you had a productive day cleaning house - Good Job!