Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy birthday to my girls!!

Today is a very special day for my family. It is the day that God chose to bless Kevin and I with 2 beautiful daughters.
Beatrice came into the world with a rather early entrance in 1997, and continued to show how strong she was, and how God wanted her to be a part this world. Little did I know that she would be such an amazing example of a Godly young lady. I am continually in awe at her, how she takes God's Word and truly wants to know it, and live it.
Gertie came four years later, and she broke the mold!! It is so true how two people can come from the same womb, the same parents & household and be totally opposite!! Gertie is fun loving and loves to be the center of attention. She is very loving and always is ready to give a big hug! Gertie is always ready to give us a laugh, and her smile is infectious!!
I know that I am a bit partial, but I think that they are just about the best 2 daughters around!! I am thankful that God chose me to be their Mom, and that he has such a wonderful sense of humor to give them to me on the same day!! I can't wait to see how God continues to use them as they grow!
On another has been brought to my attention by someone special (you know who you are!!) that I should put pics on my page. I have been trying to, but since I live where there is no DSL, I still have ghetto dial-up!! I have tried again , but it looks like I will have to go to a non-ghetto house that has something faster than a turtle for internet!! I will put some up soon!! :0)


Charnelle said...

Well, I guess I don't have a non-ghetto house afterall, because I have DSL! :-) I really like your new Blog. I saved it in my favs along with a few other great Blogs that I visit each day. Can't wait to see pics :-)
Love you ~

Charnelle said...

OK - Well maybe I am ghetto, because I just left you a comment saying that I "don't have a NON-ghetto house" because I have DSL.....well, that is just ghetto right there! What I meant to say wuz....I guess that I have a non-ghetto house because I have DSL.....oh well, anyway.....Ha Ha. I must be very tired, I will talk to you later.

jennifer said...

You do have some awesome daughters - however, I do believe the second one favors her aunt jenni more than you or Kevin - are you sure she's yours :-) Seriously, Kenzie and Kerrigan are two beautiful girls inside and out. I'm blessed to have them in my life! Happy Birthday Girlie's!!

christy said...

Well, I guess it's my turn to put in a comment. I love your blog! I really enjoyed the girl's birthday party. It felt like old times! I think all the kids had a really good time. I hope we don't wait so long to get together again. We shouldn't need an excuse to get together. We need to more of that! Well, I've got to go because I need my rest.