Monday, May 5, 2008

Harsh lessons learned.............

Today a harsh lesson was learned. Gertie went to school as usual, and then at 9:45, we received a phone call from the school. It was the nurse, and she said that Gertie had a tummy ache, and wanted to know what I wanted to do. I asked to speak to her, and she said that she thought she was gonna throw up. I did feel sorry for her, and told her that her Daddy would be there to pick her up (one of the joys of Kevin being home). She got home and put some stuff down, and then came into my room...........she told me that she just didn't feel well, and then..............she turned around to say something and caught a glimpse of the true culprit of her stomach ache......her glasses!! She thought that she lost them and was worried what we would say to her. She then spilled the beans....she came clean about the whole "stomach ache" and told me that it was pure nerves that made her feel bad. She knew that if she came home and said she lost them she would be in ALOT of trouble!!!!! She knew that we were disappointed in her, and there was going to be some consequences behind her being deceitful. No tv, ds, or anything else that would be considered fun. After a little while, I asked her who she thought was most disappointed in her. She sadly said "God". That was enough to break my heart!! My baby did learn a lesson, and it was painful for her, even at 7 years old, to know that she had disappointed the one that counts the most. Ironically, it was a reminder for me also-I am never too old to be taught lessons, and to be taught be those younger than me. I am guilty of making mistakes that may often go unnoticed by others, but God always knows my shortcomings. I too have disappointed God more times than I can count......but He always sends us reminders that He loves us, and that we would be lost without Him!! Thank you Lord for sending special reminders through my kids. My prayer is that you will use them in a mighty way!