Friday, May 16, 2008

Look what I found

You know, sometimes it takes very little to amuse me.....I mean, I find humor in alot of things, (especially myself!) so when I refound (is that a word?) the website Craig's list, I got really excited, again!! I have been on the website several times before, but I have never listed anything or bought anything. Then it occured to me, I have several things that I would like to sell that would have to be for local pick-up only, and BOY, do I need the money!! So, I have listed things to sell on there! How exciting.........I mean the possibility of making money, and to get rid of the is almost enough to make me shout!! So now I have stuff listed to sell kids better watch out, they may be next!! If you know of anyone who needs some furniture, let me know-I will be happy to show them the link!!!
Well, off I go to clean my oven..........who knows what has fallen on the bottom, but it is NASTY!! I hope that you are having a great day...............
Sending lots of happy vibes your way!!!!