Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe that it has been 17 days since I last blogged. Alot has been going on!! For starters, we had our Vacation Bible School at church last week. That in itself is enough to make anyone exhausted!! I love VBS, and look forward to helping every year. This year's theme was Power Lab. We had alot of science experiments and the stage was set up to look like a lab. We are very blessed to have the best children's pastor, ever!! Bro. Jeff Summers and his wife Carol Ann do a wonderful job of bringing God's Word down to the kids level. This year is very special to me, because Gertie asked Jesus into her heart on Friday. I found out from another leader and ran upstairs to see what was going on. She was talking with Mrs. Gina and when I asked her what she was doing, she said "Asking Jesus into my heart." Of course, if you know me, that was all it took.....I was boo-hooing all over the place. I made sure that she understood everything, and then we went downstairs to tell a few special people about her decision. While we were walking around she said "Mommie, I can't stop crying!!" I told her not to worry, because I couldn't either! So, Friday was very special for us. She is a special little girl and I am glad to know that my two daughters are going to be with me in Heaven! Gertie will be baptized on Sunday night. But for now, we will continue to pray for Mr. Man........God will certainly have His work cut out for Him there!! lol!!
We have also been doing some work in the yard. No, not the normal kind-we have been putting up an above ground pool. Let me say this.......we live on the lake...on a HILL!! Yeah, I know, not the most convenient place to put a pool, but we thought that it should be easy enough to dig into the ground to make it level.........after 3 tries we still don't have it level!! So, needless to say, this has been aggrevating!! The girls had some gift certificates from their birthday and other holidays and wanted to use them to buy the pool. With our situation and with gas prices, we thought that it would be a good idea for some built in summer fun. I think that it will be as soon as it is level!! So, we will be swimming in a pool that is leaning to one side-at least for a couple of days. We have told the kids every day that they had to wait....I can't bear to make them wait anymore! Mr. Man keeps saying that he wants to go "simming, Mommie". Sometimes you have to laugh so you won't cry!! When we actually get IN the pool I will post some pics, but until then, say a prayer that we can actually get in it!