Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why yes, it is a potato.........

I have a tradition that I started with Beatrice. It is simple, yet makes them very happy. I put them on the counter while I cook.

Note: they are on the opposite side from the stove.....I feel that I must say this so no one wonders!

Something about being in the middle of all the action while I am cooking makes them feel that they are "helping Mommy". I have done it with the girls and just started it with Mr. Man. He really likes being up there and loves to watch me cook.

Last night, I put him up there because we were home alone. He was talking to me while I was cooking supper. I gave him a little snack (which was not a potato) and was doing my thing while watching him out of the corner of my eye. He put his snack down and grabbed a bowl of roasted red potatoes that I was gonna eat earlier. I had left them on the counter and he saw an opportunity! When I looked at him, all I could do was laugh..............(and had to take some pics)

Here he is on the counter digging into the potato!

Showing me his prize!

I love all of the funny stuff that they do at this age!