Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh Ye of little faith............

I don't even know where to begin. This has been an insane week-and it ain't over yet!! For those of you who don't know, I am attempting to get into the nursing program. I have only one pre-req left to be able to apply in Feb. 2009.

Or maybe not......

I digress.............

OK, so I attend a college that for some strange, bizarre, unknown reason did not offer Micro-biology in the evening. So after speaking to another college (that I attended after high know, when I was young and stupid-and only cared where the next party was), they told me that I could enroll as a transient student. AH-HA!! Problem solved!!

Or so I thought.

School started on Monday. That's right this past Monday, August 25. I was so excited that I had the only class that I needed, and that everything was working out perfectly!

Silly me.

On Tuesday, I called my home school to find out if I really needed another class. My heart told me that I did, and I wanted to hear a definitive answer from someone higher up.

All I got was the run-around..........and bad advice!

After a whole lot of drama and tears, I decided that it would be in my best interest to go ahead and enroll for the class that I KNEW I needed.

Now, this wouldn't be a blog post and be MY life if it ended there, now would it?

I enrolled for the class, showed up this morning, only to have more drama!

They DROPPED my class! Not micro, just the math that I needed!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????!!!!!?????

So, after a few.....okay, more than a few, tears, I headed home. I am sure that you can imagine the car ride home.............

(me talking to God)......
"Here I am, trying to do what I thought YOU would have me do, God-and look at the fuss that has been made! I have bent over backwards to make this work under the situation that we are in, and trying to make sure that this does not interfere with anything at home! Now, I am done! I don't think that I was meant to go to school.........I just am not cut out for it! So, I will wait for a final answer, but I know that I should not be going to school!"

I know............irrational.

But, this is the kind of week that I have had.

There have many personal issues that I would not post on this blog that have also been happening-
week. I got home and cried to my hubby about the situation, I knew that I only had until 4:00 today to get all of this fixed. I decided to be pro-active about the situation and take the bull by the horns. If it works out, I knew that it would have to be a God thing. If not, I knew that I am not meant to apply to the program in Feb.

One of the hold-ups was a form. Yes, a form. (Sidenote: doesn't it always seem to be a form?)
One that you fill out online and it goes to the appropriate institution to be signed by a few thousand people.

Okay, maybe not a few thousand, but a few, none the less.

This form usually takes a good week to be completed. Let's revisit the facts that I have just stated.
1) I just filled out this other form yesterday.
2) It had to be approved by TODAY at 4:00.

Well, I go to check my e-mail and it says that one person has already approved it. YES!! Now, all I need is 2 more signatures, and I am home-free!
I called my home school and asked to speak directly to the person who signed the last one and they were approving it as we spoke. #2 done!
Then, I called my host school and asked to speak to the lady that signed my last transient form. I had to leave her a message, and just knew that I was done for. I know that the campus is so busy right now, and that her getting back to me before the deadline would be next to impossible.

Oh ye of little faith..........

My home phone rang, and it was her, saying she approved it and I could register for the class that I needed. I burst into tears (while still on the phone) and couldn't thank her enough. I know that everything that happened in that 20 minute span was of God.

Silly me.

Doesn't He ALWAYS come through when we need Him? I feel so ashamed that I thought He was so small, that somehow He would not be able to fix this one. I am reminded constantly how much He loves me and will work things out that in a way that will bring honor and glory to Him. I can honestly say that I don't know how people who are unsaved maintain a normal frame of mind in stressful situations.....I have a hard enough time with the King of Kings on my side. Doing it all alone must be awful. I must confess that while I KNOW that He is on my side, I do not always rely on Him in the way I should. OBVIOUSLY!!

So I will take the classes that God has for me and I believe that I am in there for a reason.

My prayer for today is that I will not limit God. That I will remember that in any situation, He is present, and will intervene on my behalf.