Sunday, October 5, 2008


Putting limits on God.

What does that phrase mean to you?

To me, it means that we are not putting full faith that God can do what He says He will.

We are saying that even though He created the Heavens and the Earth, that He cannot fix our simple lives. I would imagine that some of you are saying, "What, not me-I would never do that!" We do it without even realizing it. We do it without saying a word.

You know the times when you turn something over to God and then take it back? You know when things aren't answered in your time and you start the process of worry and fear?

That is putting limits on God.

I have been talking to my Sunday School class about not putting limits on God. I want to make sure that they understand some things that I didn't at their age. Oh, how I wish that I had the wisdom then that I have now.

I understand that alot of wisdom that I have acquired has been only through life experiences. I came to Christ at a later age than these girls have, and I want them to understand that they have a long time to live for Him. Through the growth in my life, God has shown me many wonderful lessons.

I have learned to be patient. (for the most part-lol!)
I have learned to have more compassion for others.
I have learned to be silent when needed.
I have learned that EVERYTHING is in God's timing, regardless of how I want it to be carried out.
I have learned NOT to put limits on God.

I say this because.......everytime we take control of a situation, we are saying that we feel we can handle it better, faster, or more to our liking.

When we lose faith, we are not allowing God to give us blessings or to allow Him to chastise us.

Although these moments are sometimes not easy, I wouldn't want to miss out on an opportunity for God to show who and what He truly is. I want to give Him room to shine. I don't want to cloud Him out.

We are going to have an opportunity to go on a mission trip over spring break next year. I have always wanted to go on such a trip and am excited to be able to go. The plan is to go to Haiti. I really can't tell you much about Haiti, as a matter of fact I couldn't even tell you where Haiti is!

I know, that is sad, but anyway.............I am super excited about going and would really appreciate your prayers for this journey. We are hoping to have a good group going and would like for some of the college and career to step outside their comfort zones. I know that this is a big trip and will be a little scary for some, but I truly believe that God will work out all issues that may arise.

I want to be able to see God work in a mighty way in Haiti.........well to be honest, I want to see God work in a mighty way in me. I love every opportunity that I have been given to learn more about Him. I am thankful for Godly leaders that I have in my life and for other Godly influences who try to steer me the right way when I have made poor choices.

My prayer for today is that I will always remember that God is in complete control and that He loves me so much! Much more than I deserve. I pray that when I feel God isn't working up to my standards, that He will give me the spiritual spanking that I need to make me realize once again that it is His timing.

I hope that you had a wonderful day at your church and grew even closer to our Lord and Savior!