Friday, October 3, 2008

What could be bloomin'?

You know, it was just last month that we all had the crud. Now it seems as though we all have another form of the crud, just not the strep kind. Apparently, something is bloomin' that is making all of our sinuses go crazy! It has really created some issues for Mr. Man who cannot blow his nose yet. I cannot remember when the girls first learned to blow their nose, but I am sure that it must be coming soon for Mr. Man. He looks so pitiful with his nose all red and his eyes pouring with water. He makes me feel so bad for him!

I must say that even when he is sick, he is so cute. I hope that everyone is having a great, non-sick day!




jennifer said...

I see our home is not the only one that has been doing the "sick thing". Sorry to hear Mr. Man is not feeling well. Hope he feels better soon. Carolyn and I have been sick to. You're doing great on your blog - so proud of you and all your wisdom :-) Love you!