Friday, November 21, 2008

More to be thankful for......

After the post on yesterday, I decided to ask my kids what they were thankful for. Beatrice said that she was thankful for:
*a roof over our heads
*food on the table
*that we have heat

Gertie said:
*thankful for drink-cause if we are eating something and choke, we have something to wash it down with. Can't say I have ever thought about it that way!

Today I am saying:
*I am thankful for my church. If you love your church, hear God's word every Sunday, this is a rarity. I know this to be true, churches are trying more and more to be politically correct. I don't remember anywhere in God's word where it says, "Sugar coat all that is in this book, it can be hard to hear!" Quite the opposite actually......anyway, you get my point! Perhaps this is a post within itself-I'll have to remember this one!

*For my Bible. It has gotten me through some very dark times and has seen me have immeasurable joy.

I am gonna continue this until next week........I will post everyday on the things that I am thankful for!