Monday, November 3, 2008

Your right to vote........

Tomorrow is a big day for our country. As we finally get a chance to have our voice heard, it is so important that we take the opportunity to do the right thing. As I wouldn't want to turn this into a political forum, I thought that I would give my reasons for going and casting your vote tomorrow:

My voice truly does count!
cause many have fought for this privilege that we have freely
Christians should unite together and make sure that the issues that are important are
at the forefront of our choices.
it is important that we are informed about the morals of the candidates.
not letting the media give us a false representation of what they want us to believe.

Praying for the candidate of your choice,
and feeling confident in that decision.
learning what each candidate stands for
in all areas of the election
not just the ones that the media wants you to hear about!

If you read between the lines, you will hear my heart in this election..........
I pray that all of you will go and exercise your right to vote-if you choose not to-don't complain!

This country is the best in the world! I am proud to be an American and love my country! Don't take this responsibility lightly,

Please vote!



mandy said...

Smart, and not so subtle post. :)

You're on my blogroll!!