Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Had to be a man.....

Remember how I said that I believe God has a sense of humor? Well, this is more and more real to me everyday. I think that God looked down on me right before my 30th birthday and said, "let her have dry skin"-and there it was.

May sound strange, but I tell ya, I never had to worry with such things before I turned 30. So, in my quest to find the perfect lotion for my leather like skin (that could seriously be mistaken for an alligator skin catsuit), I have finally found something that works well. Happy am I!!


Another thing that must have occurred was the apparent movement of my dry skin to my scalp. Okay, you know how everyone has pet-peeves? Well, I have a certain disdain for people that are digging at their scalp so hard that you think that they might actually touch their brains. Something about it just grates on my nerves!!

Well, now I can add myself to that list! I am tellin' you, I have itched my head so hard it hurt!

This leads me to the title of my post.
What was that?

Did you say.........finally?

Ahem. I will continue.

So because of my extreme itching rampage, I asked Kevin to fetch me some shampoo that might cure what is ailing my scalp. I really wanted to get some T-tree shampoo but he couldn't find any. So after calling me to get the right kind for my issue, he came home with some T g el shampoo. As soon as he walked in the door, I grabbed the shampoo and went to the shower. I felt a certain happiness that I would have relief from this head-itching madness.


I smelled the most foul smell coming from my head.

What in the world could that be?

It was the shampoo. Did I really just pay for this smell?

Okay, did it not dawn on the person making this shampoo that it smells horrible?

I am thinking that a bit of gardenia scent or even eucalyptus oil would have made it smell better.

So now my head feels great...

but smells like a cross between a flea dip and tar.

Talk about sexy.

Nothing says "I'm beautiful and smell good" like some tar and flea dip.

Had to have been invented by a man.

I'm just sayin' that's all.