Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reason #8,369 why I should get this award.....

I rarely come to my blog and ask for a favor.

But I am today.

Please consider me for this award.

I will give you a few of the reasons why.

#87-I often forget to ummmmm........do _______ (you can fill in the blank as you see fit) for my kids.

Okay, after much consideration, I would just like to give you one big reason for my self-deserving attitude for THE award this week.

You see, Gertie lost her tooth. Truth be told it is her 7th tooth. (I know only because she keeps count). Actually this is the 2nd that she has lost within a week. She is very excited for the tooth fairy to come and visit her.

That tooth fairy was on the ball when she lost the first one last week. She even was generous enough to give her $2.00. Thank you, very much!!

Anywho, I digress.......she lost another tooth 2 days later, and she has put it under her pillow for the last 3 nights and the tooth fairy forgot!! I can't believe myself that fairy!! She has some nerve making my baby wait for 3 nights!

So tonight after dinner, (which consisted of cereal for the younger two and left over spaghetti for Beatrice....don't hate, it was their choice for the meal-although I didn't complain!) Gertie came and said, "Please call the tooth fairy-she has forgotten again!" Where I promptly said that the tooth fairy relayed her sincerest apologies to me and that she didn't know because I didn't call her.

Smooth. I know.

So, if you happen to talk to the tooth fairy tonight, could you please let her know that my precious offspring has lost another tooth and if she doesn't pony up the money that she will most likely lose faith in her?

Thanks so much.

So it is with humble heart that I ask you to please consider me for your 2009 "Crappy Mom of the Year Award". I promise not to let you down!




Thrifty Florida Mama said...

Yep, we're all crappy sometimes. That darn tooth fairy routine gets old doesn't it? I mean how hard is it for that gal to just drop by and reward our kids? She is never on the ball at our house either and has been known to leave Disney money instead of cash. lol

You're not crappy. You're just real!

Dede said...

I thought this only happened to me. I'm pretty sure I have you beat. The tooth fairy was on vacation here once for a week and a half before she decided to do her fairy duties and give my son the $1.00 for his tooth! How's that for "Crappy Mom of the Year"?

I hate to say it, but I really enjoyed this...made me feel a little better anyway! :)

jennifer said...

Um.....too late...I already won :) You came in a close 2nd though - LOL! Love you!