Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't read this if............ (written right after the last show)

You watch "The Bachelor"...........because-
you will NOT like what I have to say..........

Consider yourself forewarned if you proceed!!!!!!

Okay, I am realizing that I am in a category by myself.

I have a secret. A shame to some.

I don't watch the Bachelor.

There, I said it. I am not ashamed of this fact. I actually think that those who watch it should be ashamed.

Here's my point.

I am not naive to think that men and women could possibly have trouble finding their "Mister Right". I understand that it must be hard to date in this day and time. As a matter of fact, I am thankful that I am not in this position.

I just think that while I am not naive to what happens when you date, I also don't want the whole world to see my progress on t.v. It seems to me that if you are the one that is "lucky" (and I use this term very loosely) you would be faced with watching every other girl kiss and paw all over your new found man.

What does that say about our society that we are willing to have a contest to get the man of your dreams? I mean seriously, I have seen the previews and it seems nothing short of a free for all. I just don't get the attraction to fighting for the right to date or potentially marry this man who you have watched being "man-handled" by other vixens.

What happened to praying for God to bring the right man in your life? Seems to me that if I were in this position, knowing what I know now, I would be praying for God to place that man for me. I don't want to assume that I know what or who is good for me. I know that I have tried to do things in my own power before and it ALWAYS flops!

This is not a new stance for me. Truth be told, I have never watched the show, and do not ever intend to. I used to tell the girls in my Sunday School class how awful that I thought the show was and my opinion has not changed! Please hear my heart on this......this is my opinion. I do not expect for you to defend your decision to watch the show. It is a conviction of mine, and I assure you that we probably do not share the same convictions. To each his own. This just happens to be my blog, and I can say what I want!! hahahahaha!!

I personally feel that there must be something lacking in these women's lives for them to be willing to air their dating woes for all to see.  I would personally be embarrassed if one of my daughters or my son took part in such antics.  I pray that my children would think a little higher of themselves and their family, and not stoop to this level.  

I guess that I have vented enough about this topic........I will not apologize for my stance.  It is my opinion and I just wanted to share!!  LOL!!  

I hope that tomorrow finds you in the House of the Lord!



Wife and Mom said...

I loved seeing you tonight and getting to know you a bit. Your blog is great and I will be following you from now on.


Brooke loves you too no matter what she says. :o)