Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I really do feel blessed.......

God has placed me in some interesting situations.  I can remember when we came to the church that we have attended for the last 8 1/2 years.  We came in, not knowing what would happen in our future.  The youth pastor that we had at the time made youth ministry look so easy and SO fun!!  I remember asking him if I could HELP.  


Not teach.

So, I went into the class that I was asked to, and I quickly found out that it was not the class for me!  It was a 6th grade middle school class.  Need I say more?

Our yout pastor realized that there was an opening in the 9th and 10th grade class with another teacher, and I took my position  in that class.  Wow!  What a difference a few years makes!  

I really took to the girls in that class.  They were eager and willing to learn, which makes it easier to teach.  I wasn't in the class but for a month or so, and the other teacher felt that God was calling her out into another class to teach.  

Panic.  That is what I felt at that moment.  I knew that I couldn't do it alone!  I remember that someone told me that God doesn't call the equipped,  He equips the called.  That made complete sense to me.  I decided to do what was right by the girls that were in there and try my best to teach the lessons that I had been given.  

Long story short..........these girls are still a part of my lives today. That was 8 years ago.  I have seen them grow into beautiful young women.  I have seen them graduate high school and college.  I have seen them get married and one is even pregnant now!    

I am so proud of the women that they have become! 

It was my privilege to go to another of their weddings.  
Here are some of the pics of the evening:

I feel extremely blessed that God has placed me where I am.  I could never have imagined that I would be able to be a part of something that is bigger than me.  I have had opportunities to witness to these girls and to see one of them come to know Christ.  I am thankful that they still consider me a part of their lives!  

I just wanted to share a few of these special moments with  my bloggy friends.  Special friendships are hard to come by, but when they are ordained by God, it makes them all the more special!  



Sabrina said...

how come jobeth has 2 pictures and i only have one with you...??? Is she your favorite or something? Just because we are "grown-up".... well... it just don't mean jack squat, Mrs. Kim.