Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don't forget to eat the oreos.......

I am so guilty......I know that I am. With out even knowing it, I became the parent who doesn't let their kids eat alot of sugar, cookies, cake, etc. I always let them have birthday cake or other treats when we are out, but at home, it is done in moderation. Now understand, I am not completely overboard with it. but it is a running joke with some friends how I withhold some of the "goods" from my kids. It is not to be mean, but I just feel like I don't want to give them too much of a good thing, you know? I guess that there is a part of me that feels like I might be contributing to a bad habit.......probably silly, I know!! I didn't even realize that I did it until a few years ago when I went to clean out my pantry, and there it was.........TONS of candy!! Candy from Halloween, Christmas and even Easter!!! How ashamed I was.....that I had not allowed my children to have the right of passage that every kid deserves!! Now understand that I do mean in moderation-there are too many children who have free reign over the pantry, and I do not want to give way to that, but I have become too rigid about some things. I realize that I also had a ton of cookies that my kids get when they get a kids meal from Johnny's that I have just put neatly into the pantry.
I said all of that to say, I went to Johnny's to get kids meals for my kids. Both of the girls got "terrific kid" and so we had coupons for some free meals. We all sat down at the table,and I distributed all of the food,and then I saw them.....,the oreos in the bottom of the kids' bag. I did what I always do, and just ignored them, almost like they would go away!! Then something came over me............................I digress.........
Last night, I read another blog that literally shook me to my core. I can honestly say that I have not cried that hard in a long time! This blog made me take a hard look at what I find so "important". I cannot imagine the grief that this family is going through, and was taken aback at the grace in which Angie is able to share all of her personal feelings. I ask that all of you please be in prayer for this dear family, and would like for you to visit the blog for yourself Start at the beginning, and prepare to laugh, cry and be incredibly blessed! After reading the blog, I couldn't sleep and literally woke up with my eyes so swollen from the tears that it was a huge reminder all day long.
So, after everyone ate..........I got the oreos and let everyone eat them!! I realize that life is so fragile, and that we need to embrace every stage of life that our children are in! For me to allow them to be kids is one of the greatest gifts that I can give them....I pray that they look back on their childhood and remember the days fondly and know that I always let them eat the oreos!
Blessings..........and many bags of oreos,