Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love is in the air..........

Today, I had the privilege of going to Jo Beth Roberts' wedding. For those of you who do not know her, she is a sweet young woman who loves the Lord. I have enjoyed watching her grow into an amazing person, and am glad that I was able to take part in her spiritual growth. I taught Jo Beth in Sunday School for 2 years, and am glad that God brought her to Madison Street. Although I miss her terribly, I know that her new home is in Orlando. She and her new husband Chad will become a family
and make new memories to call their own.
Here are some of the days events...........

Sabrina, me and Jo Beth

Chad waiting patiently for his bride to be!

Her Daddy adores her!!

I just thought that this was a pretty picture!

Best of luck to Jo Beth and Chad!! I love you guys!!

After leaving the wedding, Kevin and I came to Orlando for some "Alone time". Since I was in California for our anniversary, we are kinda pretending that this is May 25. I am thankful that I have a husband who allows me to be me, and realizes that it is good to have a break from one another. I can't say that I have always appreciated my husband for the person that he is, but I am trying to be a better wife, by acknowledging when he is being the wonderful husband that he is. I know that I don't deserve alot that God has chosen to give me..........actually, I don't deserve any of it, but I am grateful for every blessing that He has given!

After being married for 12 years, I would say that I love him more now than ever before....I know that God put us together, and who am I to question that?

Thank you Kevin for putting up with me, and may we have many, many more anniversaries together! I love you!

Here is a pic that we took

today in the car.............



jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Glad you and Kevin were able to "get away" for awhile. Love you!

Anonymous said...

awww! Mrs. Kim....You BLOGGED about me :) ! I love you SO SO much and you are a huge part of who I am.