Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny how that happens..........

Having children is such a blessing! You know, when you could eat them up because they have done something so precious....you know those times! I have tried hard to maintain our devotional time with the girls, and it is amazing the dialogue that has come out of these sweet times. We usually don't make Mr. Man sit with us.....it is nearly impossible to make a 2 year old sit still! We always ask him to come and pray.....and it is soooooo sweet! I have to help him, but I know that he thinks that he is a big boy praying to God!! He always tells him "thank you for today, and help me be a "dood" boy (his word for good). It is such a simple prayer, but I am thankful that he wants to be good.
The girls have been really neat to teach. But it is always awesome when I learn from them! Sometimes, we forget that we are capable of learning from them and do not allow them to teach. Well, tonight was a lesson for me......one of many that God has tried to continually POUND in my feeble little head.

So, we always have the girls say something that they would like to ask forgiveness for. It does vary, but I have noticed that over the last 10 days or so, that the common thing that they are asking forgiveness for is being hateful to each other. While I am so glad that they are recognizing that they are being ugly, I would like to see some acts of true repentance.

I remind them that true repentance means to turn away from sin.

Turn away. Meaning not going back the way that we came.

As I explained that they need to ask for forgiveness and then ask for God to help them not make the same mistake again....................

God: Excuse me.

Me: I'm sorry, what?

God: Funny how that happens.

Me: (Trying to be cute) What do you mean? (knowing I knew what He meant)

God: Well, it seems to me that we have been over this same thing time and time and time
time again! Now, you are trying to teach this to your daughters, and well, now you
know how I feel.

After a conversation very similar to this with my Heavenly Father, I realize AGAIN that..........while I feel disappointment in my girls when they disobey, God feels the same way when I am in sin. He loves me so much that He will punish me, and wants me to lean on Him so that I won't go down that path again.

And when I get a spiritual spanking, it hurts..............alot.

Worse than any I ever received from my dad growing up. It is during the time of punishment that I know He loves me...........and then He picks me up and tells me how much!! He loves me and will always be there for me. So much that He died for me.

So, while I hope to tell you that the girls are getting along a little better, I wish more than anything that they will know that despite their sin,

I will always love them
and Jesus will too!