Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Potty Time.......

Well, Mr. Man is a big boy!! He is using the potty now, alot! Although it makes me proud, it makes me feel sad to know that he is that big. I have always potty-trained my kids so that by the time they are 3, they will be wearing no diapers. I realized that I better get on the ball with Mr. Man because his birthday is in October. I tried several times before, but had to remember that when they are ready, they will just do it!

I bought him a potty seat a few months ago, but there was no interest in it.....other than the fact it played music!! I just kept asking him if he wanted to go, and then one day-HE WENT!! We were all surprised, even him! Ever since then, he has been pretty consistant with it. We still have him in pull-ups at night, but as soon as he wakes up, he gets to choose his underwear.

Oh yeah, that is another thing....after having 2 girls, it is hard to remember to say underwear and not panties. Mercy, who knew that things were so complicated?

I put him on the potty seat the other day and captured some pretty funny pics........some that I am sure he will appreciate when he is older!! By the way, he is watching Hairspray on the TV. He absolutely loves that movie and knows every line...too funny!

So as we go into this new chapter of life, I look forward to the days with no diapers, but know that I will miss my little boy!! I know that things will be different.....some in a good way, (and not so stressful) and some will be a constant reminder of how fast they grow up.
I want to remember all of these times in my children's lives............