Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The big announcement.........

Okay ladies, we have all been there.


You are on the phone with someone that is: not a friend, not family, no one that you even know.
It is an important phone call....
Your precious baby announces that they have to go potty.

In your quietest voice you tell them to go.

Then you try to continue your conversation.

A few minutes pass and you hear "Mommie!!!!"

Of course you go running to see what exactly is going on.
You are in the bathroom with said child.

Then in all of his sweet glory, your precious offspring yells...............

"Mommie, I poo-poo'd"

Yeah! You say QUIETLY,
because after all, you are still on the phone.

Then he loudly proclaims........

"I poo-poo'd and it was SOOOOO BIG!!!!"

great, wonderful honey! As I lose every bit of dignity that I have with the flush of the toilet.

You know that the lady on the other end of the phone had to be chewing off her hand to not laugh at this carnival side show that we call "everyday life".

Have you been there?

Hopefully not.