Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The aliens have taken my child.......

I have been invaded by aliens.....that is the only explanation that I can possibly come up with to justify what is happening in my house, right now.

You see, Beatrice is 11. She likes to live in her own special world...one where she is the queen and has full reign of all things.

But today, she is cleaning.


I really feel like I should check her skin and see if the alien has taken her body fully or just occupied her brain for a while. Either way, there is no way that this is my child.

You see, Beatrice sees a very different meaning of the word clean than most folks. Her idea of personal cleanliness is that she has bathed at least 3 days ago.


So as I am typing this, she is cleaning her bathroom and organizing it. She has just gotten done vacuuming the back porch and her brother's room.

I am giddy.

I also realize that she can now really help me out with the housework, which honestly makes me more excited than I can stand!

I actually heard her say to Gertie that they should help me out so that we can relax tonight as a family.


How sweet is that?

So I must go now, and revel in the fact that the alien has abducted my daughter.........and pray that they come back and replace her only when my house is clean again!