Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Excuse me, what........

Yesterday, I decided to buy a new pair of hair clippers. I did this because I am the one who cuts everyone's hair in the house.

I know, how multi-talented am I?

Anywho, I decided that Mr. Man needed a haircut and opened up the package and left some of the contents on my bed. I cut his hair and realized that he needed to have his nails trimmed also. After all, when your hair is so freshly coifed you should look perfect from head to toe, right?

I put Mr. Man on my bed while I looked for the nail clippers.

Remember that I said there was stuff on my bed from the clippers?

He found the oil that you use for the blades, opened it and spilled it all over his hands!

I grab the oil put the lid back on and found another place for safe keeping.

He then was smelling his hands.........when I asked him what he was doing, he replied,

"my hands smell like a jellyfish"

Ya'll I can't make this stuff up! I have no idea that he even knew what a jellyfish is, much less what it smelled like!

Barrel of laughs, that boy.