Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am excited that tomorrow is actually Thanksgiving! It seems as though we were just celebrating this a few months ago. Wow, what a difference a year has made!

Throughout this year we have faced with a number of different obstacles. The most traumatic would have to be that Kevin lost his job.

Without warning, on a March day, his manager walked into the office and said that they were shutting the office down. Everyone was out of a job.

I remember getting the call like it was yesterday. He told me that I had to come and get him. He drove a company vehicle so he had no way to get home. I knew what happened as soon as he said it, and my heart fell all the way to the floor.

As soon as my heart came back to my body, I remembered that God is in control and is still sitting on the throne!

While I knew that we would have to make some significant changes, but I knew that we would be taken care of. I was clinging to the Bible and all of the promises that God has made us.

We had some tense moments and boy, did I think that Kevin and I were gonna kill each other at times. But I do truly believe that it made us stronger, better people. And made us appreciate what God had given us so far.

So as I post today, I am very grateful for the fact that Kevin has a new job. He was without a job for almost 7 months, and it can truly take an emotional toll on a family.

He loves what he does, and is very good at his job.

My heart goes out to those who those who may be unemployed at this time of the year. It is hard enough to manage without the holidays looming over your head.

Job security is something to be thankful for! In this economy you never know when you could be cut loose.

God truly sustained us during that time. Truth is, He always has sustained us and always will!