Friday, March 20, 2009

Time for the fair.......

I can remember growing up and looking forward to one thing during spring break.........

It is a tradition in my county (well, my home county) that the fair is always around spring break. Some of the fondest memories that I have are of the fair and all that it brings.  I used to love being with my friends and ride all of the rides and eat greasy fair food!  

Now the fair means something completely different to me.  With kids, it is so neat to see everything through their eyes.  It is really great that they can experience the fair with friends and family just like I did.  

They had such a great time!  We got all of them arm bands which allow them to ride all they want for one price.  That is truly the way to go!!  

We let Mr. Man ride some rides and he had a blast.  Of course there was the time when he told the man behind the controls that he was "done".  Thankfully, the man let him off and there wasn't a scene!!  He has mixed emotions about some of the rides.  On some of them, he just smiles and laughs the whole time.  On others, he has a look of terror and then smiles after and says "that was awesome" !  You never know what that boy will say!  

The girls enjoyed riding and being able to take care of their brother.  For Beatrice, it was really neat cause she got to ride some rides that she wouldn't ride last year.  Gertie also took a leap of faith on some rides.......she is getting braver!!  

I took some pics of the night.............................

I am glad that they had such a good time!  The one with Mr. Man in the green boat is the funniest.......he was terrified on that boat!  He told the man not to touch the controls, that he was done!!  

I am thankful for such sweet times with my family.  I look forward to these times, as I know they will not last forever.

I hope that you have had a pleasant week!