Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An interview.........

I decided to interview my youngest child, Mr. Man. I wanted to see what things were like from his 3 year old perspective. Here it is:

1. What is Mommie's name? Mommie Cogdill

2. What is Daddy's name? Kevin

3. Are you a good boy? yes, all the time

4. Who loves you? maybe Grandma

5. Where do we live? at the workshop (??????)

6. What is your favorite food? cherry coke

7. Who is your best friend? Rudolph (yes, the red nose reindeer)

8. How much do I love you? a big hulk (he likes super-heroes)

9. What is your favorite movie? museum come to life every night (Night at the Museum)

10. What do you want to be when you get bigger? a macho man (we saw the village people at universal, he never forgot it! lol!)

11. What is your favorite place to go? where the fireworks are

12. How big are you? This big (holds out hands)

13. What is your favorite song? It says da da da da....giselle, giselle. (not sure where that came from)

Just thought that I would pick his brain and see what gems he would come up with!! He is a hoot, and didn't disappoint! lol!